Custom Rhinestone Transfer


Q: How long will it take to receive my order

A: All lace is in stock and will ship within 24 hours of your online order.  (we do not ship Saturday's and Sunday's)


Q: How will my lace come.

A: Your order will ship in The sheet size that you ordered.  


Q: How do I cut my Hotfix Lace™ or Fabric™

A: You can cut your Hotfix Lace™ Or Fabric™ with a laser cutter or plotter cutter.


Q: What settings do I need to set my cutter at.

A: Below are some settings for several cutters. There are too many cutters for us to test or list them all. You will need to adjust the blade, speed and Force. All the settings below are starting points you may need to adjust based on the sharpness of your blade.


Cricut: Set the cutter to custom and choose Felt with backing.

Cameo: Speed: 3 Thickness: 40 and Blade: 8

Graph Tech: Lace: Knife Depth about 1.0mm out of the holder, Speed to 10 and force at 25-27 CBU-15-45 blade

Fabric: Knife depth about 1.5mm out of the holder, Speed to 5 and Force at 30 with CBU-09 Blade.

Roland GX-24: Use a 60 blade with 120 down pressure speed 10. (this is a starting point some have used a 45 blade and more pressure.)

You want to put the white release paper down on the Strong Sticky Mat - Fabric Up.

Laser cutter: Each laser is different but you will find that it does not take much power and the speed is medium.    








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