HotFix Floral Lace - Black

HotFix Floral Lace Cricut - Black

Floral Lace - Black

Floral lace made from high quality Poly Blend that is perfect for Apparel Decorating.  Comes with Hotfix glue applied to lace so all you have to do is cut, peel (protective sheet off the glue)  and press.

► Sheet Size: 12" x 12"
Content : Poly Blend
Quantity : sold by the Sheet 12" x 12"

Pressing Directions:

Heat Press temperature at 345° Fahrenheit.
Heat Press pressure at medium to heavy.
Remove the white backing from transfer Lace
Place the transfer face up on fabric - Glue side down.
Press directly onto Garment
Press for  10 seconds.
Let cool.

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